Welcome to the first issue of our newsletter.
USALocations  was born during 2003. It has taken up until now to be able to offer a service which can be of benefit to everyone that is Considering either investing or taking an holiday in the USA. My experience of passing the Real estate exam during 2005 involved 2 trips and substantial costs.
Whatever the cost was, my main aim was and still is to be involved with helping people get a better deal when either taking an holiday or buying a vacation villa or even investment property.
It shocks me every day that UK
and EU people think it is OK to pay for admin fees or property finding fees when they are investing in the USA or CANADA. WHY pay any fees in the UK Its the agents licensed in the USA who do all the work. If you invest in the USA its common sense that ALL your money should be paid actually in the country that you are investing in. If you are asked to pay any other fees here in the UK then YOU ARE BEING RIPPED OFF.  Go Direct and give me a call, or better still email me and make a time for me to call you and I will give you FREE advice.
"Nothing to lose and £1000's to SAVE"
Our quotes help save your British Notes. USALocations will be available and OPEN for
call backs
MON-FRI  5pm - 10pm
(Florida time 12 -  5pm)
SAT-SUN 12:00pm - 10 pm
(Florida time  7am - 5pm) info@usalocations.com
Do you already own a villa that you rent out? Why not get your own FREE listing on USALocations.com and Floridalocation.co.uk. Nothing to pay and nothing to lose.  As the websites start to get bigger I hope to be offering full Websites and domain names.
The Property Investor show at EXCEL London is being run from Thursday 22nd October to Saturday 24th October and I will be attending on one of those days. See you all there I hope.
Under Construction is our new Hotel area which will enable you to book hotels at excellent rates.
If you want  to look for Flight Quotes then we will be adding a section that will allow you to do just that. By the next newsletter Our hope is that our website is changing a lot.
PARK Tickets will be online soon.
Being a fully licensed REALTOR with EXIT  Realty, they  have their Offices just a few minutes away from Orlando international. Ideal for all those who want an office thats easy to find.
The Property search engines on my site are now all up to date and working fine. My Big tip to all those UK and EU investors is if the property that others list has not got a proper address Ask THEM for it and see what they say. Remember you want to be able to type the zip code in to view the neighbourhood at least. If they hide something as simple as a basic
property address from investors What else are they hiding and keeping away from investors?
New york state and Detroit  investments and From $20000 Perfect for the first time investor. Contact us Direct for more details. Perfect investments for positive cashflow.
Newsletter Issue 01
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