Why I decided to become a REALTOR
. USALocations  was born during 2003. I was involved with one of those Free trip deals which are so frequenly used.Well I did not buy and had to pay, I quickly learnt that the property was overpriced and the agent was working for the seller. ( Thats why so many have a bad picture of REALTORS they do not fully understand how the system works).
bought a book and read it in 2 days I learnt more from that book infact more then from any other source. I then met Realtors and began asking questions I spent the entire viewing trip , running into every Real Estate company along H192 Kissimmee and H27 Davenport . Every office  was different and they helped me paint a picture . I came to the conclusion that the only way I could move forward was to become Licenced myself.
took me from November 2003 until 2005 to finish the course and Obtain a License. Then I had to find a company and work with them. After a few false starts I finally ended up with EXIT. For the record I pay every month to remain licensed Total cost is around $45 - 50 For that I have access to some Fantastic services to help Potential Investors with their search for property within Florida and also all the other states and also Canada.
can check my License credentials online with DBPR  and REALTOR.ORG and verify that I am a REALTOR. For your piece of mind you can even check my webpage online with exit realty of Orlando.
Should you want any advice just fill in my onine form on the frontpage and allow me to ring you back.
Some investors it seems have more money then sence ! WHY, its simple because I have heard that some have paid over £1500 in UK based Fees !!! When they are buying a property in the USA, from the so called UK Experts!! The very same people also bragg that they are the only ones to provide such a wonderful service. What  a Joke The only trouble is the sick Joke is at the expence of all those ignorant Investors.
It is High Time something was done to protect the UK Investor from this sort of practice. I did consider Joining an organisation, which stated it was trying to do such a thing, But quickly changed my mind when I went to a presentation at the London excel show in October 2009. Their logo was on a stand where The UK based fees were an astronomical £3200 !  I did ask questions but got no answers . If I had the time I would start up an organisation to protect the potential USA Investors  living in the UK.
I have started a petition which if it gets a lot of support  I have people willing to look at future developments when it comes to USA investments. In an idealworld My vision would be to have everyone working to the  same standard and ethics as they do in the USA, But while UK people are blindly paying UK based fees it will continue to attract everyone who wants to cash in at the UK investors expence.
Newsletter Issue 02
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February 2010
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Picture :- VALDOSTA GA 31602 Neighbourhood June 2006
FREE TRIPS.  Well in this day and age
Do you really think that people would give a FREE trip to everyone who wanted to invest ? Come on people
Wake up. Its simple the cost of the trip is offset by the added cost to the property you buy and if you do not buy you will pay for the trip, I laugh myself until I ache when I hear people moan about the way they have been treated.
Mind you not all investors are un-happy because even after all the fees and the over priced deals they can still make profit and sometimes they are blinded by what is actually happening. So long as they have positive cash flow they are very happy.  Mind  you  they  are   also making very rich the UK so called expert who takes no risk whats so ever and sometimes  the UK  based so called experts make more money then the fully licensed REALTOR   who   has   to   pass exams and renew the license every few years. I think something needs seriously looking at. When I was a potential client during 2003 I thought that several UK companies were  just grabbing  easy money and makeing a total mockery of every single REALTOR board in the USA. If the situation does not change I will STOP paying my REALTOR fees and then put my license in the trash