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ONE important fact before you even think about investing in any property at all. ASK
does the property have an address listed for you to visit google earth and view the neighbourhood?

WITH AN ADDRESS you can visit usa based websites and check TAXES, previously sold price, and what is the average property cost for the zip code. it will address your concerns of IS THE PROPERTY WORTH IT and WILL YOU BE ABLE TO MAKE MONEY..
DO not believe the 2 years guaranteed rental schemes. come on in todays difficult economical world who in their right mind would give you 2 years rent for FREE?

With an address you can get the facts and all the information to check out all the claims.
BUT why should you have to ask for the address , when Most usa websites actually list property with all the details.
Remember to ASK
always safe keeping ( your money)
always seek knowledge (your investment & learning)
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USALocations.com UK based fully licensed REALTOR.
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30-12-2017 18:15
WELCOME NEW MEMBER Marie I look forward to your articles and information about ALZEIMER .

08-08-2017 16:40
Another 2 years and another renewal of my licensed status .. And another few new companies launched to help advice and assist USA investors . None with a single qualification in the USA .. Ah well ..

31-12-2016 16:45
Happy new year to everyone . All round the world....from USALocations

06-11-2016 17:20
NEW UPDATES ! now we can source businesses for SALE. and we are building our new VILLA RENTAL SITE ..watch this space

28-07-2016 10:46
NEWS HOT OFF THE PRESS.. newsletters now right up to date.. click on frontpage and follow the link.

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