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Well just when you thought the uk has had its bellyfull of Devious Detroit Devilish Developments , then another handful of bank interest busting profits are offered to us .. Never no risk and always guaranteed to out perform every other investment around .. why then are they giving all these fantastic deals away ?. Everytime I find a great deal I consider buying it for my portfolio and if it's all certain profit guaranteed then why give it away to other people who may turn into your competition..SIMPLE they are making 1000s out of every property sold and often they work with associates who have bought the property for under $10000 then sent in a team to gut the property , spend a week or so to turn it round then want to sell it at about $30000 at least doubling their money !! .. YES they and their associates will make more than they are promising you few short weeks while promising gullible investors 20%~30% returns in 52 weeks they have had a return of over 50%plus in a few short weeks . Are you starting to see the light yet ..add to that the property management fees and you can quickly work out where the greatest amount of cash flow is going ... No wonder so many are jumping onto the great USA property investment bandwagon.. They are laughing with bulging wallets selling property that will only ever cost you in managements fees and of course if anything goes wrong the bills will never be free , but they never talk about that do they ? Call out fees for their own people ... Opps that's another story .. Oh dear I love the glossy magazines and the fantastic uk overseas property awards . It's a big money making racket and judging by the new suits and silk ties at every property show . It is indeed obvious just who is mms king the most ... my aim and argument has been simple , shouldn't the person whose hard solid cash is being used make the most ? . I do not want any award to tell me that I can get the best deal for investors because for me that's my reason for running usalocations.com . The best deal no cash flowing greedy steal , every deal no curves just straight forward and real. Challenge us send me your best offerings and let me compare and contrast , so far not one uk based company has done this . The email listings we do get I always once I have an address run a quick comparison and it really does highlight the facts ...
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09-02-2021 14:04
Our site is now being used and updated more and more..

05-02-2021 15:25
Updated and fully functional .. at last ..

30-12-2017 18:15
WELCOME NEW MEMBER Marie I look forward to your articles and information about ALZEIMER .

08-08-2017 16:40
Another 2 years and another renewal of my licensed status .. And another few new companies launched to help advice and assist USA investors . None with a single qualification in the USA .. Ah well ..

31-12-2016 16:45
Happy new year to everyone . All round the world....from USALocations

06-11-2016 17:20
NEW UPDATES ! now we can source businesses for SALE. and we are building our new VILLA RENTAL SITE ..watch this space

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21-11-2015 15:23
AIPPP our new section Awesome Interesting Property Profit Pinching.

21-11-2015 11:33
FREE closing costs FREE banking account What's next ? FREE filtered Oxygen for your aircon? Yep A...Con .. Gotta love inventive marketing..

21-11-2015 11:31
New uk companies selling USA properties. NON licensed and using USA based experts to find them deal then adding to the final cost of the deal.. Nothing changes does it !

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